Code-8 PJ FAST Helmet (BLK)

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Description: The Code-8 PJ FAST Helmet is a replica of the Ops-Core and Emerson Pararescue Jumper Helmet. The helmet is designed for comfort and quick removal from the user's head.  The PJ FASt Helmet features a metal front NV/Cam mount, Polymer side rails for attachments and extremely comfortable foam lining. Additionally, this helmet has a quick adjustment knob to perfectly fit its user's head size. Included with the helmet are an array of accessories for the side rails, as well as extra foam padding.


-Rugged high quality construction

-Comfort foam inner padding

-Heat vents along top of helmet

-Strong chin strap

-Metal NV/Cam mount

-2 Polymer side rails

-Quick adjustment loosen/ tighten knob